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What Is Carb Cycling?

On a standard weight loss diet, you will normally go months eating at a calorie deficit every single day. However, long deficit will ultimately lead to drop in metabolic functions where your initial calorie deficit will be your maintenance so you will stop losing or burn little fat.

By cycling high carb days into your schedule, you can stop metabolic slow down caused by a calorie deficit. This is done by resetting the catabolic state of your body, with the added carbs and added calories.

How To Carb Cycle?

A simple way to cycle carbohydrates each week is to eat low carb for 3 days followed by two higher carb days.

We recommend having high carbs on your training days, because you need the energy and low carbs on your rest days.

The low carb days will help with weight loss and insulin sensitivity. The high carb days fuel energy whilst burning fat on a day that your workout in the gym is intense. High carb days also aid in recovery, replenish glycogen, and support muscle growth.

Don't count fibrous vegetables into your total carb count for the day; they are low in calories and carbs.

When we reduce the intake of carbs on lower carb days, we'll replace those calories with protein and healthy fats. That way you'll have an adequate number of calories and maintain as much muscle as possible as you continue to exercise.

Use this calculator to determine your calories and carbs for your high and low carb days. Below is an example of carb cycling macros look like.


On your high days try eating more whole grain oatmeal, rice, whole wheat pasta etc and on your low days take all of those out. Now replace those carbs with protein and healthy fats food.