The Benefits Of Our Sports Bras and Long Sleeve Crop Top

Posted by Tirule Fitness Team on 7th Jun 2021

The Benefits Of Our Sports Bras and Long Sleeve Crop Top

Do you know how important it is to wear a sturdy sports bra, or a workout crop top during an intense exercise session or HIIT cardio?

If you enjoy high-intensity interval training (HIIT workout) such as running and cross-training, or low-impact exercises like walking and yoga we got you covered.

We know when you're exercising, you need a well fitted sports bra that will support your every move and minimise any impact to your breasts for a comfortable training experience. This is when we come in, because we have designed the best seamless women’s full support gym sports bras and long sleeve crop tops to help you achieve your goals during exercise. They don’t only improve your workout in the gym but they are also fashionable to pair with nice pants, whether lounging at home or meeting with friends for a casual day out. Let’s find out what makes our sports bras and crop tops one of the best-in-class and sturdiest:

Grey long sleeve crop top  

1. Full support: High intensity workouts require you to have full support sports bras or long sleeve crop tops to minimise any impact to your breasts. This is why we designed the most comfortable high intensity moving sports bras and crop tops for running, yoga and gym exercises, so you can train to the max in style and comfort. From low impact to push up sports bras for women and girls, we have the perfect pair for everyone and every activity.

2. Moisture working fabric: We know how annoying it can be when you’re exercising with an uncomfortable sweaty sports bra. This is why all our gym sports bras and crop tops come with moisture wicking technology, to keep you dry and refreshed during your workouts. The fabric is light and breathable so as you workout hard your sports bra or crop top will be working hard to keep your temperature cool.

3. Four way stretch: Our seamless sports bras and gym wear tops are made with 4-way stretch material making them ultra comfortable so as you exercise they move with your body just like our seamless gym leggings for women.

4. High on fashion: Sports wear has completely changed the face of the fashion industry. Sports wear is no longer just for working out at the gym, or during home exercises more and more people are now working it to do everyday activities . This is why we design fashionable gym sports bras and long sleeve crop tops, that you can wear in the gym and outside the gym hanging out with friends but still look like a fashion diva.

A sports bra is a must-have for all the ladies out there who love working out style. Better yet, we create such amazing fashion-forward pieces that you’ll definitely want to have more and more which you should because we at Tirule value ambition over everything!


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