Exercise and Diet Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy 101

Posted by Tirule's Health Team on 24th May 2021

Exercise and Diet Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy 101

Whether it's Beyonce, the Kardashians, or Jennifer Lopez, we are always surprised to see celebrity moms bouncing back into shape within no time after pregnancy. With such fabricated notions of body image, it can be demotivating for you to start working on an exercise plan to regulate your body into a healthy stature.

But fret not!

Now that you have landed on the Tirule blog, we have the right solutions for you. First you need to understand that you are not alone. Motherhood is one of the most challenging phases of your life and you certainly don’t need to overwhelm yourself with these daunting body notions. That being said, we are also big advocates of staying in shape and living a healthier happier life so without further ado, let’s jump right in:

  • Start with something as basic and easy as a slow walk or jogs. Go easy on the diet because you have a child to feed too. Concentrate on getting the results with hard-work and regular exercising and don’t focus on rapid weight loss because that is not a healthy option. Wear comfortable clothes to accommodate your current shape such as our stretch-perfect leggings.
  • Split your meals into smaller portions throughout the day. Don’t overload your body on carbs and have adequate protein. Eat fruits for vitamins and food with fibre to keep you full for longer. 
  • In order to lose belly fat you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Whether you have given birth or not, the best way to lose belly fat is to reduce your overall body fat simple but no one tells you this. The best way to reduce body fat is to do compound exercises. These exercises target multiple body parts for example squats, bench press, lunges etc.
  • Incorporating cardio exercises with your workouts. The best once for body fat are walking, jogging, swimming or HIIT cardio. These increase your metabolism but make sure you also do some weight lift exercises like compound, these burn fat throughout the day even after you finish exercising.

Exercising is only 20% of losing weight, your diet is 80% of it so make sure after your pregnancy you have a healthy and organized diet in place. We understand calorie counting isn’t for everyone however, if you can try to track your calorie intake.

Weigh yourself weekly and take a picture every 2 weeks of yourself. This will help you see the difference because you lose fat in different areas of your body. Avoid added sugar, refined carbs and avoid or reduce alcohol.

We know it’s stressful taking care of a baby, getting enough sleep and time to yourself but if you can try to get enough sleep. Get your partner or family to help, because you can do everything right but having less sleep can negatively impact your weight.