The Secret To Enjoy Any Diet

Posted by Tirule's Health Team on 7th Jun 2021

The Secret To Enjoy Any Diet

Eating healthy has several benefits and they are:

  • You want to lose weight? Switch to a healthy diet.
  • Want great skin and hair? Healthy diet is the key.
  • Want to boost your metabolism? Eat healthy, full spot!

However, there are days when you feel like eating that burger and drinking your favourite milkshake so what do you do? Well keep reading to know the secret.

We all know that dieting can be boring at times and hard to stick to, especially when you have takeaways posting leaflets through your letterbox; with delicious menus and supermarkets always giving discounts on unhealthy food.

However, the secret to sticking to any diet is about enjoying it and we’re going to tell you how without starving yourself.

1. Set realistic expectations: Don’t put pressure on yourself to lose weight fast, because you will only be setting yourself up for failure so make sure your goals are realistic. Set realistic goals and plan ahead. For example, set a goal of eating smaller portions and drinking lots of water during the day. See the “Eatwell Guide” for guidance.

2. Rely on trusted information: Always rely on a trusted source for planning and executing a diet plan. The internet is stocked with false information that will set you up for failure or cause more harm than good so see our Diet Method page. For example, following a liquid diet will not work, consuming a protein-only or carb-only diet will also not produce good results. Instead, having a nourished, well-balanced and high-fibre diet will keep you energetic, boost your metabolism and make you feel fuller for longer.

3. Constantly think about what motivates you: You want to fit into that £100 dress? Work for it. Want to get fitter for a holiday round the corner? Stick to your diet. Constantly remind yourself of all the great things that will happen when you lose those extra pounds. Believe us when we say, you will end up becoming a better version of yourself just by practicing this simple exercise.

4. Stick to a routine: Fix a routine for yourself. Say you wake up at 7 a.m. then go for a quick run or walk round the block, and start your day with a healthy breakfast followed by a hearty lunch and light dinner. Plan your meals for the entire week, and try sticking to it. It is easier said than done, we understand that, but once you have a routine in place and make it your habit, it’ll become like seamless practice.

5. Have a break, give yourself a cheat day or meal: It is great to have your head in the game, but it is not okay to lose your mind over it. We often confuse healthy eating with having dry and boring meals, with no taste, which is why sometimes we lose motivation before we even start. Having a cheat day or meal helps prevent you from a weight loss plateau, and it gives you a break to enjoy the things you love. If you’ve been on a strict diet for an entire week, treat yourself to a pizza on a Saturday night. Think of it as an incentive, something to look forward to and something to keep you going. However, if you chose to have a cheat day rather than a cheat meal, be smart about it, don't binge eat (see our Binge Eating Disorder page). You could just have 1 cheat meal with a drink, to prevent you from ruining all your hard work from the week.

6. Keep a track of the results: Healthy food and a balanced diet, combined with a great exercise routine will produce amazing results. When you see yourself shedding those fat, getting close to the shape of your dreams, you will instantly feel more motivated. Keep a photo journal and monitor your progress every week. At the end of each month, you will see how much fitter and healthier you look.

Figure out what works best for you and make a consolidated meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Never starve yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself. Rather, enjoy your meals and accept that you need to eat healthy to get into a better shape and live a healthier life. 

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