Tirule is high quality sportswear clothing brand with mental health supports for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, eating disorder, loneliness, bereavement
Tirule Mental Health Support For Deperssion


During the global coronavirus pandemic, millions will face the loss of someone they know and love.

Whether its Covid-19 related or not bereavement at any time is hard. Bereavement during a period of isolation with restricted movement and limited contact with family and friends is the hardest thing possible.

Grief isn’t just losing someone it may be the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or terminal illness diagnosis.

Grieving is a highly individual experience; there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. How you grieve and how long you grieve depends on many factors, including your personality and coping style, your life experience, your faith, and how significant the loss was to you. 

The symptoms of grief: 

  • Shock and numbness – this is usually the first reaction like is a bad dream and you just want to wake up and everything is fine
  • Mix emotions, one minute you feel fine that they’re no longer suffering or the relationship ended then the next you’re sad and crying
  • Anger, you might feel angry and direct it at God for letting it happen or other people like your ex, your former employer or at yourself for not being there or doing something
  • Bargaining some people might try to bargain with God for example, if you help me through this or my love one I promise to change
  • Depression feeling sad, full with emotions, everything around you reminds you of that person and you wish you could hear their voice again
  • Acceptance it doesn’t mean you’ve moved on or it’s forgotten it just means you’ve come to terms with it 

You may not go through the above symptoms in this order. However, if you’re going through a lost or breakup you’ll experience some of the symptoms. 

Things to do: