Tirule Ambition Over Everything Ambition In A Box Room

Tirule is an empowerment sportswear clothing and accessories brand based in Manchester, UK. It was established in February 2021 by founder Tirule Roberts, who had a vision to create the world’s first clothing brand that genuinely empowers and motivates people through real-life experiences.  

Inspired by his own life experiences, Tirule aims to help fuel people’s ambition while encouraging them to prioritise their mental and physical health. He believes that through focusing on this, individuals can achieve their full potential and thrive. 

This is his story from rock bottom to CEO. 

As far back as I can remember, life was always tough. I wasn’t a privileged child, nor was I lucky in life. I was raised by a single mother who struggled daily to put food on the table for two sons, my brother and me. Likewise, I never knew my father. The only knowledge of him I had was of the violence he perpetrated against my mother, even during pregnancy. 

Without our dad in the picture, I looked up to my older brother as a father figure. However, tragically, my brother was killed at the age of 28. This broke my mother and me into pieces. In some ways, it felt like I had lost my brother and mother all at once because she never quite recovered from his loss. 

While grieving my brother’s death, my partner gave birth to a baby boy, who I named after my brother in remembrance. However, when our relationship broke down, my partner prevented me from seeing my son. This was just three weeks before my child’s first Christmas. 

Having endured so much pain and loss, I began to sink into depression. That’s when the majority of my friends disappeared, leaving me with no support network. This left my job as my only lifeline. Yet, although my employer was aware of what I was going through, I was fired due to poor performance. That’s when I hit rock bottom. 

Losing a loved one alone is heartbreaking, but grieving while going through a nasty divorce and losing a child, marital home and life savings could cause a mental breakdown. 

I was beyond rock bottom. I felt buried alive whilst living in my friend’s box room and abandoned by the world. Although I was at my worst and on the edge of being homeless, my mindset refused to accept that it was the end.  

  • It was in that box room, the old me died, and my inner beast was unleashed. I became numb to pain and rejection and used them to fuel my ambition. 
  • It was in that box room; I worked tirelessly as tears rolled down my cheeks. 
  • It was in that box room that my flatmate encouraged me to work towards renting a one-bedroom flat; instead I worked towards buying a three-bedroom house, and I achieved it (shoot for the moon but aim for the stars)  
  • And it was in that box room, Tirule Ambition Over Everything was born.  

Now, no matter the heights that I reach, my work ethic remains the same as it was in that box room. It is what links my past to my present and what drives me forward to the future. 

With my team, Tirule clothing aims to empower and motivate people to take control of their own lives and push it in the direction they want because with hard work, a clear vision and consistency, the impossible can be possible. 


We are passionate about empowering people and helping them improve their mental and physical health. This is why we are the FIRST clothing brand to actively shine a light on mental health issues, more than any other leading clothing brand. 

Leadership ambition: We want to give people the strength and initiative to pursue their dreams and aim for the stars. Ultimately, with dedication and passion, people can achieve success.  

Mental health: Promoting mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do. This is why we design clothes that contain empowering messaging and why we provide a range of information relating to mental health on our site. 

Health: Our brand is dedicated to encouraging people to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle whether you’re a customer buying our products or not. This is why we provide health and diet information on our site.

Vision: Our vision is to reach people of all backgrounds and races, locally and internationally, to motivate and empower them to overcome any barriers they may face.